Void Trek

Insubordination & Adventure
The Start of My New Life

Captain’s Log

It’s been one hell of a week. I am now a Rogue Trader. I have a crew of my own, although I’m not sure how long some of them will last. I have been far too lenient – most captains would have shot some of this crew for their insubordination. It’s mild so far, mostly limited to talking out of turn, but it could be a serious danger to us all, the way some of them go off and talk over me when we meet strangers.

If it continues, I’ll have to start firing.

On the other hand, it’s been an eventful career so far. I met an old man who offered his help, but one of those insubordinate crew members decided to shoot him before he could be of much use. We did get the stone he had, which is, supposedly, leading us to some shiny things, so it worked out.

We recently met a strapping captain named Galligan. I do hope to see more of him, in a more pleasurable capacity, later on. He sent us to a planet to deliver a few questionable items, and to meet a representative of his, who is to help us with our search for more crew. He said that there would be enough willing people to add to standard crew, but that if we can help him with some tiny demons that are screwing up their mining operations, he will help us find a good crew. We are short on time, due to that damn Hadarack. How he got wind of all this, I’m not sure, but now we’re in a race for the shinies, and I’m running behind. On the other hand, I really could use some good crew members. I have been thinking it over, and I think our best bet to gain a good crew and maintain good relations with Galligan is to see about getting rid of his beasties for him.

I really hope that’s not a mistake.

On the way to this other planet, we did have an interesting adventure. A distress signal was relayed from the midst of an asteroid field. Our astropath could sense that there was life within, but we had little else to go on. I decided to take a risk and neared it. Luckily, my pilot was able to run a better scan before we got too near and we realized that we were running into a trap.

We turned and began to move away, but the two raiders’ ships also within the asteroid field followed us. One of them we obliterated with no trouble. (And I mean destroyed, which, I have to say, was pretty cool). The other we raided. We took 2/3 of their crew, half of their cargo, and made them rescue the poor missionaries whose pilgrimage they’d destroyed so they could use them and their ship as bait. I also made a deal with their scoundrel of a captain, so I have another ally if we have need of anything.

I am a Rogue Trader. . . And Aunt Trixie said I’d never amount to anything.

Plunging Into the Dark
On the Run Into the Unknown

After “successfully” navigating The Maw, the narrow passage between two turbulent warp storms that acts as the safest entrance to the Koronus Expanse, our “heroes” dock at Footfall, a more wretched hive of scum and villainy you’ll not find. They attempted and failed at acquiring a crew, as they left dry dock in a hurry and didn’t have time to gather the regular crew, but did find a man who said he had loyalties to the Rogue Trader who used to hold our “heroes’” Warrant of Trade. He was killed in a firefight over the small rock he held, but said rock is now securely in the hands of our Rogue Trader and her crew. Now, what is the significance of this rock? And why was the old man assaulted for it?


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